Registration Fees

Fee Type Up to
April 30th
Up to
August 31st
Up to
November 4th
On site
Delegate U$S1000 U$S1100 U$S1200 U$S1300
Accompanying Delegate U$S300 U$S300 U$S300 U$S300
Platinum/Gold/Silver Sponsor
(included in package)
U$S0 U$S0 U$S0 U$S0
Additional Sponsor U$S500 U$S500 U$S500 U$S500
Special Guest U$S0 U$S0 U$S0 U$S0
Press U$S0 U$S0 U$S0 U$S0
Golf Tournament U$S250 U$S250 U$S250 U$S250

Note: For local delegates these values shall be converted into Argentine pesos at the  rate of exchange  of the Banco de la Nación Argentina of the working day previous to payment date.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:
Refunds requested in writing before August 8, 2016, will be charged a cancellation fee of  USD 200. After August 8, 2016, no refunds will be given, but the registration is transferable to another person notifying in writing to the following email address:

You shall be referred to the FELABAN Congress and Assembly Centralized Registration website to create your username (this username may be used for this and other upcoming FELABAN events) and register to the 50th FELABAN Annual Assembly

Remember the two steps:

  1. Register a Username
  2. Registration to the event

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